Due to the overwhelming amount of emails we have created some FAQ’s. Please read these before filling out the Contact Us page. If you do contact us, please allow 7-10 days for a response.

Where do we park our cars?
Parking is NOT permitted at Hull Park or The Filling Station Microbrewery. You will need to park at Hardy Parking Garage located at 303 E State Street. The ending location is Monkey Fist Brewing Company, this is next to the parking garage that you parked in. A FREE shuttle run from 9:00am – 1:00pm on event dates. The parking garage is located here: https://goo.gl/maps/gkTe6zPy7xL2
If the parking deck is full we recommend parking in LOT N.

** Parking is first-come first-serve. This is a paid parking deck and is not included in your event ticket.

What if I bring my own kayak?
If you bring your own kayak you will need to drop the kayak off at the launch at Hull Park. Staff will help place your kayak in the proper location dependent on launch time. After this you drive to the parking garage (State Street) and catch the shuttle to The Filling Station Microbrewery for registration. At the end of the kayak portion of the tour you end at Clinch Park, you can leave your kayak here until after you’re done at the last brewery stop, you can drive your car to Clinch Park and retrieve your boat.

What is the cancellation policy?
The event is NON-REFUNDABLE. Tickets are transferable to another name. We will still go if it is overcast, cold and/or raining. We will not go if there is lightning and reserve the right to postpone the event waves up to three hours from original launch time. If we can not go on that day and time after the three hours we will reschedule the event for the following day after the original scheduled date with the same times. If you are unable or choose not to attend your scheduled event, you will NOT be able to transfer your ticket to another event.

How challenging is the course? Day?
We would have to rate this as intermediate. You paddle on two lakes and one river, depending on the wind their could be some waves and current. There is also some walking that needs to be done to reach each destination. Overall we would say this is NOT a beginner course, but that is determined upon your physical capabilities.

How far do we have to walk to each brewery?
All breweries are easily accessible from the river, however, there is a little bit of walking, they are not directly on the water. Each brewery is 1-4 blocks from the river location. Be prepared to walk up to 15 minutes one way to reach a destination.

Will I get wet?
YES! This is a paddling event, we encourage that you get wet. Each stop we have to exit into the water. Be prepared to get in and out of your kayak in up to knee deep water, at minimum.

How old do I need to be?
This is a paddling and drinking event so all participants need to be at least 21 year old in order to attend.

What is the weight limit for our rental kayaks?
Our Single Jackson Riviera is 300#
Our Tandem Jackson Riviera-T weight limit is 450#

Rentals are sold out, what do I do!?
We buy more and more kayaks every year, we own over 150+ kayaks and rent from local rental outlets. We acquire kayaks from Paddle TC, The River TC and TC Watersports. If you have tickets and still need a rental please email info@paddleforpints.com and we can link you with a business who has them.

Do you have a wait list for rentals?
We do not because we do not offer refunds. You can transfer tickets to other people.

Are pets allowed?
This is open-ended. They are not allowed into the breweries so would have to stay outside. They open water is completely up to you. We will simply leave it at…Bring pets at your own risk.

How do we get back to our cars after we finish?
The finishing brewery is right next to State Street Parking Deck – Hardy Parking Deck at 303 E State St, Traverse City, MI 49684. You park your car here at the start of the day, we end right next door at the new Monkey Fist Brewing Company.

Is alcohol included in the ticket price?
No, alcohol is not included. We do not have a liquor license. Whats included is on the main page of the paddlepints.wpengine.com website. You are responsible for your own drink purchases at each location.

Are other boats besides kayaks allowed?
Yes! Only non-motered boats. We only rent kayaks because they are easy to navigate and for all experience levels. There are two lakes we have to paddle across so canoes are not encouraged but you surely can bring them. SUP’s are also allowed if you are experienced on open water and rivers. DNR requires that you have a life jacket on your vessel at all times, regardless if you are wearing it or not. TUBES WILL NOT WORK, THERE ARE TWO LAKES AND YOU WILL NEED A PADDLE!

Do I have to stay in the hotel listed on the website?
No, this is just a suggestion. They are sponsors, some provide transportation and perks for PFP attendees (check with them to ensure your expectations). Explore your options and stay where you would like!

Can I transfer my ticket to another event or another year?
Unfortunately, NO. The PFP events typically sell out, when and if this happens the events will be sold out. If a date or time does not work for you, don’t just book a date and hope to transfer later, you will not be allowed to. We do not provide refunds for this mistake.

When can I register for next years events?
We wish we could have a specific date for this, but we first have to get approval by many departments in our community. Usually we have tickets on sale in February or March the spring before the summer events.